Photography as I see it

When i look around me I see the world so great,I feel how the rhythm of life and work flow smoothly with time.Sometimes I  go out and watch people as they were on their own,I enjoy watching them work their livelihood,or spend time leisurely with their friends.I feel one with the structure and the global consciousness that engulfs and bonds life altogether.
Photography to me is capturing those moments,moments of global awareness,being one with the environment.When I see a flower and mesmerize its beauty,i feel the power of nature,or even God.
Before i zoom my lens to macro photograph a small insect,I wonder how such a small creature can most wonderfully carry out life,it carries the same life we do,it also one day dies like us,and probably heads to heaven.
These feelings are the one that matter to me most.Photographs might not be such great technically,need not be,but the emotions that hold a photograph,the memories that it recreates while you see them is what i feel touches the most.
Every photograph carries with it a memory,a story,a emotion.Good photographs can convey those feelings appropriately to others.But that to me is secondary,what matters to me is the emotions attached.
I would first watch the beautiful glorious mountains or the vastness of the sea,with my eyes voraciously,and then try to capture it on my cam.
With the advent of modern digital camera,everybody point and shoots different times,mostly never thinking why they are shooting.It is said a potrait photogrpah never becomes eye capturing unless the one interacts with the subject.With the emotions and some basic rules and a bit of patience,i guess photographs would turn out sweet memory reminders,and a pleasure for everyone who views them…..

Durga puja

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Durga puja,the custom Bengali festival that have spread all over the world along with its people, has happened once more ,and this the 21st time of my life.Once I heard Bengalis are neither the descendants of Aryans nor the Dravidian’s which constitutes of major population of India.We Bengalis seem to be a merge of both culture(considering the geographical position of Bengal).as such we are the ones who adopt new cultures very easily and discard with the old.(compared to the other ethnic groups of India,who seems to be more orthodox)No doubt Bengal is called the culture hub of India(who speak the sweetest language in the world),but the culture seems fast changing and always influenced by external cultures. where Bengal stands today is a mixture of many cultures, mainly influenced by western British culture, and a rootless mixture of other Indian culture.

Though its my 21st(officially, and probably only 16 th since I remember anything or ever knew what was “durga”),its only latey I understood what makes this festival so special to all Bengalis.As most Bengalis spread across the globe mixing other cultures in their lives,what still remains in every Bengalis heart is the festive mood of Durga Pujas.With all the pain,they have shipped the durga puja abroad.This is a week of celebration where the people remind them of their true culture,and to what extent it suites them. The change all these years I guess is the modernization of lord durga.with her fancy dress and impressive postures,but still in backyard you will find a typical Durga idol  and the purohit worshipping her… I guess what we do in childhood ever remains with us forever.It is somewhat training our memory and and mind to be suited for.
This time although I wasn’t much impressed with the quality of the pujas this time(probably due to rains)in my place at bandel ,I never less enjoyed being here.enjoying the lush of green and autumn breeze.These are some of the pictures taken by me…Have a wonderful festive season ahead…