A morning walk in manikaran

On August 2010 ,we went to manikaran.
reaching there it was like,”is this place on earth?”.I have always favored manali more than any other hill station,so wanted to put up my stay there.But all of a suddent manikaran seemed so flamboyant and heavenly,that i hardly realised the strong sound of the water of parvati churning the rocks of himalayas.Its small but sweet,the people are friendly,the clouds gives the heavenly look and the hot spring an ideal for bathing in the cold outset.

view from the bridge..U one
local huts
view enroute

We reached manikaran on 10th August.We had put up in the guruduwara,though im not a sikh by religion,we got that booked,and it was an opportunity to stay cheap,and enjoy the environment there.we spend the evening listining to punjabi songs,though i ddnt understand a word they were saying,i got hold of their surroundings, the strong murmur of the river merged with the rythmic tunes of the mridangam  and the devotional songs endlessly vibrated the enviroment.

On next morning I wanted to have a stroll around alone.My parents were still in their deep sleep,resting from their daily work,i got myself on roads at 5:30 am,whith some warm cloths on me.I walked straight upto the place where you cross the bridge to get to gurudwara ,to right is the temple.crossed the bridge and walked along the main road.
After some leisurely troll,i met a local old guy,who was also on his way.I asked him where he was heading this morning.
“Im going back my home”
I wondered how far it might be and asked “kitna dhur hai?(how far is it?)
“Its a 12 hours walk from here”
I was more than surprised,i wondered how this man could travel so long, quickly approximated the distance with average 5 kmph to be 60 km.
The chitchat went along;I asked him how cold it was in the winter and how did they manage to stay in these harsh conditions.
He replied,”during winter we have no work,we collect ration,and food for cattle in summer and in winter everything is covered with snow,so no works.”
curiously i asked him if he had come here for work,and my guess was positive, he was going back to his village after a week’s work.
i continued on my way,enjoying the nature and the breathtaking beauty of the morning clouds.I crossed the river(U turn on map).The view from this position to the opposite side of the power plant is also photogenic.With my old panasonic lumix DMC-FX9,i got hold of some snaps,befor continuing journey.

but by that time I could see that man had reached way far,i wondered how was that possible for a momnet,until i realized he took shortcuts by climbing off the mountains and short cattle roads.and he walked quite fast pace too..(so it must be more than 60 kms by road..)

I walked past the few huts there,i like these mountain huts,it thrills me how these people live away from the busy city life.I walked till i reached a end.A landslide had occured and the road ahead was blocked almost with a huge boulder and electric wires.I didnt dare to go further.As i was bound to return,i noticed a car come and stop in the other side of the landslide…

Aguy came out of the car and huried past the wires and said he was heading to the city,i asked him where he had been,he replied he owned an apple orchard and had gone there to collece apples.I followed him.Downhill was a bit easier,but that man suddenly took some shortcuts,i follwed him on them,they were steep cattle roads,carefully i managed to cross them .Then instread of taking the U over the bridge he took a shortcut over the river in front of the power house.There is a broken bridge and a wooden log(i dont know if its still there)he climbed down the steep from the road. and stepped into the log.I somehow followed.crossing the river with a tree log and a broken bridge early in the morning was thrilling.then i took the left road and through the jungle path guided by small wodden bridges i reached the place in front of the main bridge… overall it was a fab experience..

returning road bidges

Short description of the way to cross river:Take the uphill staircase just opposite to the bridge.then take right.you will find a very narrow road covered with large bush on one side.It was thrilling,specially in the morning,then cross the river in front of the power house.There is a broken bridge and a wooden log(i dont know if its still there)cross via it after the broken bridge and then climb the road