Two important things to carry while travelling(repairing your glasses and belt)

Few days back,I had some strange problems while I was traveling to Belgium.
1. somehow the clip from the buckle of my belt broke off.
2. my friends spectacles support came off.

Now it was very difficult to find a shop in and around and specially when you are travelling you dont know where the shops are and adding salt to itĀ some said mending would be quite expensive.I was unwilling to pay 3 euros for a ‘small’ mend. Buying a new belt would have costed me about 8 euros, so it was out of question!

I thought a way out, it was really a hotfix, fixing the belt with a straightened paper clip(pic).
In the axle in the end of the buckle,just wrap around the metal rod (straight paper clip),so that it can move freely.
You can also cut the remaining part of the clip if you have a cutter handly.I didn’t have one.
I just realized this could be used for fixing many things which had longĀ attachements,and would be very useful to carry along.

Here is the pic of the mended belt

Now after coming back from the tour, the next morning my friends reading glasses support (one over the ears)came off ,Now he started worrying about his spectacles, and the money to be spend for repair. I couldnt fix this with a paper clip it was too thick and long,(and i dont have a cutter).I thought for a while and looked around for things, when I noticed a stapler pin(pic).This was just perfect to just get in the small screw hole of the glasses.

The fix worked like a charm and it got fixed like never before…and best of it you could never tell a difference from outside..:)

I would always carry these small things always with me from next time:)