Timed Encryption using Google and other news sites

I developed this crypt addiction long back, and was strengthened by “The Vinci Code”.We all know that we can encrypt some message with a “key”, which is shared by two parties(say alice and bob).Now most of these encryption are static in time.i.e. Say I encode “Arsenous” as “Bstfopvt” with padding 1.Of course this is a very simple example exposed to all kinds of attacks for reversal without keys.But lets say we can in principle encode a attack resistant code using a key.But this encoded text as well as the key is static in time, that is the encoded text can be decoded anytimme in future.

But what if the encoded message were to self destruct? what if we loose access to the key after sometime.This thought came to me sometime back.For this we need a time variable which is universal in nature.But it is diffucult to find something soo static in internet that is shared..well other than Google :p.(Death of Google?) ..

The procedure is then simple as outlined in the diagram.The encryption is done basically with a modified key based on some search result on Google or any news channel (24 hours change).Once the contents of the webpage is changed the same “key” would translate to a different modified key thus destrImageoying decipherability of encrypted text.

The procedure can also be used to shared timed keys for MD5 irreversible encrypt.

This leaves the encrypted code vulnerable to attacks like freq analysis, etc .But what if the encrypted message is continuously changed such that along with the containts of the UTV(universal time variable) .As soon as UTV changes from its original state at which the msg was encrypted , the msg is encrypted using T(key)=f(key,D) where ‘D'(relative change in UTV).

This is mainly for fun 😛 but might have inteeresting applications when slightly modified.Like destruction of message once it s tried to decode incorrectly.Entropy of such encodings etc..

Im looking for someone to code this concept using php for a web based portal ..so if you are interested plz mail me or write in the comment..:)